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Video Game Culture in Quarantine

Video games: many of us play them here and there but never really stop to think about them. There are so many things that pull us into the world of video games like being able to fly, playing as your favorite athlete, driving cars faster than physically possible. Regardless of what it is, there is always something pulling us into this escape from our own worlds. This is something that can be super beneficial when it comes to mental health, especially during COVID. One of these pull factors and arguably the most common, is playing online with your friends. This is something that is often sought after when looking for the right game and is huge in video game culture. The only thing better than escaping to another world is escaping to another world with your friends. 

There are many benefits to playing with your friends. In times like these when you may not be able to connect face to face like you normally would, it gives you a chance to do this through something you both enjoy. It gives that opportunity to break through that social bubble that you might still have if it weren’t for gaming. For me personally, it was tough not being able to see my friends for months and months. But getting that connection through the games that we enjoyed provided that social connection and was a great way to spend free time. Being in isolation goes against our human nature and is something that can lead to other mental health issues that are very real and prevalent, especially in the middle of a pandemic. Although there is no easy fix, some people might find comfort in playing games with friends and it’s something that has been proven to boost your overall happiness. 

Another benefit is something that a lot of people might not think about. Playing games when you can’t go outside and explore gives people a way to find some new hobbies or interests. There are a countless number of games out there for people to explore with so much variety. There are games for anyone, if you like sports, music, dance, writing, planes, cars and even knitting. All these games provide chances for people to either enjoy interests that they already have or find new ones. It also gives the opportunity to meet new people with those same interests. This combines the online and social aspect with your favorite games. You can play with people who can give you new insights or new enjoyment for a game you think you know everything about. 

All in all, there are some great benefits to playing video games, especially during quarantine. Whether it’s to get that connection with friends, finding a new hobby, or to even just pass time, there are so many options when it comes to gaming. Exploring new worlds and interacting with your favorite movie or show are all accessible to you, and it’s something that you should give a try.

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