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The Publishing Haus is a bi-monthly journalism publication from the Northwest School, a small private high school in Seattle, WA. We are a newspaper created by students, for students, reporting on news both within and outside of our community. Our online site features the latest stories which are separated by three sections: news, arts & culture, and sports. Archived issues, and links to our social media platforms can also be accessed through our online publication.

All opinions expressed in this publication are those of the journalism students and not of the Northwest School. When factual errors occur, we will revise the content and issue a statement of correction. If you find a mistake, please contact us.

Mission of the Publishing Haus: 

The Publishing Haus is a public forum for student expression under the supervision of the Journalism Class instructor at the Northwest School.

Feel free to contact us if you have a question about our website, or any other concerns regarding the Publishing Haus.

We hope you enjoy!

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