Follow Up on Male feminism: The Pitfalls of Performance

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This is a follow-up to my last article, Male Feminism: The Pitfalls of Performance. I feel that I left something out of that piece and it would not be right to leave the school year without addressing it. In my previous article, I explained what performative feminism looked like, but never explained what good, honest allyship looks like. Unfortunately, I feel there is not enough time to write an article that would do justice to this important issue. However, I would like to say that FSU is looking to create opportunities for men to practice and learn allyship. Next year, The Publishing Haüs will continue to publish articles that help our community become a more inclusive space. If there is one thing I could communicate before Summits, and Eventually Summer, it would be that an apology is meaningful and often goes a long way. Thank you all so much for reading, we look forward to next year! 

My one tip for how to practice honest allyship over the summer is to educate yourself, without homework or school, it might be a good time to break out some feminist literature or watch some good documentaries or just talk to the women in your life about their experiences with misogyny and ways to combat it (if they are willing to do that). It is especially important to read work by feminists of color. Their contributions to the movement and its philosophies are often overlooked or purposefully suppressed and offer vital insight into how gender and race intersect. Being a male feminist is complicated and it takes time and effort and I am grateful for those members of the Northwest community who continue to work on their allyship.

Lastly, if you are somebody that was mad about the last article, I would encourage you to reflect, because that article was aimed at those participating in performative feminism.


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