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NWS’s Music Favorites

Selome G. ‘25 and I, JoJo BP. ‘25 know that music is really important to so many people in our community. “It’s very useful; it’s a good mood setter. Like, if I want to do homework or have fun with friends,” Eila P. ‘25. Serina V. ‘25 said that listening to music “brings you some kind of sense of joy and some kind of energy.” Many students agreed with Serina, that music “brings you some kind of sense of joy and some kind of energy you’re looking for.” 

There were a large variety of genres mentioned in the responses to the google form that we sent out and the interviews we both did. When asking about genres in our interviews  Serina V. ‘25 told us that the kind of music she listens to “is diverse, and in language too”. When I asked Roan K. ‘24 what kind of music he listened to he said “mostly hiphop and rap, and a little bit of pop.” Our conclusion though was that, the two most popular genres at our school are hiphop and rap. Knowing the diversity of music genres this school listens to, I sent out a form to the school that asked people what kind of music they enjoy listening to. We created a playlist based on all of the answers we got from the form and interviews.

 We hope you enjoy our playlist of NWS’s favorite songs!

NWS’s Music Favorites Playlist:

  1. “Feelin’ Good” – Nina Simone (Christian S. Middle School Choir, Varsity Voices and Vocal Collective Choir Teacher as well as the Performing Arts Chair)
  2. “Jireh” – Elevation Worship & Maverick City (Chosen by Jing Z. Math Teacher)
  3. “Vision of Love” – Mariah Carey (Nichole D. Humanities Teacher and Library Assistant)
  4. “Do Whatcha Wanna” – Rebirth Brass Band (Nate K.)
  5. “Fallback Lover” – Summer Wars (Richard H. 7th Grade Algebra 1 Math Teacher)
  6. “Sunless Saturday” – Fishbone (Ethan S. House Band, Intro to Strings, Middle School Orchestra, and Popular Musics teacher)
  7. “Amongst Stars” – Amorphis (Sam B. Residential Advisor)
  8. “Skankin Sweet” – Chronixx (Waine J. Upper School Math Teacher)
  9. “abc’s” – K’naan ( Rachel F. Associate Director of College Counseling
  10. “The Day Before You Came” – ABBA (Adam R. Chinese Teacher)
  11. “Halazia” – ATEEZ (JoJo B-P ‘25)
  12. “Lucy Strike” – Berhana (Sophia J. ‘23)
  13. “Kongo” – KOLINGA feat. Gaël Faye (Isla C. ‘23)
  14. “Take a Bow” – Rihanna (Keelen C. ‘23)
  15. “I Walk on Water” – KALEO (W. Sabin ‘23)
  16. “Don’t Get Me Wrong” – Pretenders (Lola R. ‘24)
  17. “Down In Atlanta” – (Roan K. ‘24)
  18. “Low” – Sza (Anisah H. ‘25)
  19. “Dumebi” – Rema (Soley M. ‘25)
  20. “Time” – Hans Zimmer (Drake W. ‘25)
  21. “Iris” – The Goo Goo Dolls (Eden M-R ‘25)
  22. “Bruise Violet” – Babes in Toyland (Alina D. ‘2Aiden5)
  23. “Obsessed” – Mariah Carey (Hamilton H. ‘25)
  24. “West Coast”  – Lana Del Rey ( Y ‘25)
  25. “Waves” – Joey Bada$$ (Soren T. ‘25)
  26. “Happiness a butterfly” – Lana Del Ray (Sadie L. ‘25)
  27. “Brazil” – Declan McKenna ( Mei M. ‘25)
  28. “August” – Taylor Swift (Delphine W. ‘25) 
  29. “Mexico” – Shotgun Willy (Adrien)
  30. “La-haut” – Zaz (Apolline)
  31. “Candy” – Robbie Williams (Susu H. ‘26)
  32. God is Fair, Sexy Nasty” – Mac Miller and Kendrick Lamar (Mae B. ‘26) 
  33. “Danse Bacchanale from Samson et Dalila” – Camille Saint-Saens (Alex K. ‘26)
  34. “Sparks Fly” – Taylor swift (Laya S ‘26) 
  35. “Genius of Love” – Tom Tom Club (Delia D. ‘26)
  36. “Heavens of Fire” – KISS (Olivia N. ‘26)
  37. “Angelique” – Badfinger (Milo M. ‘26)
  38. “Slide” – The Goo Goo Dolls (Poppy N. ‘26)
  39. “Bennie And The Jets” – Elton John (Gwenny S. ‘26)
  40. “I wanna be yours” – Arctic monkeys (Kathy N. ‘26)
  41. “Generation” – TripleS (Nik L. ‘27)
  42. “Come Out and Play” – Billie Eilish (Callie H. ‘27)
  43. “Beef Rapp” – MF DOOM (Ben H. ‘27)
  44. “JUST FRIENDS ?” – Eem Triplin (Kye D. ‘27)
  45. “Too Dumb to Die” – Green Day (Kai N. ‘27)
  46. “Pearl Diver” – Minski (Madeline O. ‘28)
  47. “Girls” – Girl in Red (Hashi K. ‘29)
  48. “Power” – Little Mix, feat. Stormzy (ZZ R. ‘29)
  49. “Ladders” – Mac Miller (Berkeley S. ‘29)

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