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Interest Groups

Last updated on February 16, 2023

As a community that values belonging and extracurricular engagement, the Northwest School offers many great ways for students to connect and socialize. One of the ways Northwest offers this is through Interest groups. Interest groups have a designated spot on students’ schedules, which is on Thursdays during flex period from 1:40 – 2:10pm.

Interest groups are available to students who want to meet new people who share their interests at Northwest. This is an opportunity to connect with fellow students at school from 6th to 12th grade. There are currently 18 possible interest groups that you can join on Thursdays during flex.

The list of interest groups continues to grow as students start groups they feel aren’t already represented. Here is a list of the interest groups the school currently offers, check them out and if you feel like there is not a group not represented, start one! But first, learn about the current interest groups below.


Baking Interest Group – Johnson – Thursday During Flex

The Baking Interest Group is mostly made up of 6th and 7th graders, who bring baked goods and enjoy them together while discussing baking topics and watching baking videos. The leaders of this group are Alex S. ‘29 and Saisha C. ‘29. Anyone is welcome to join.

PlayClayPlayClay – Ceramics Studio – Thursday During Flex

Come to PlayClayPlayClay and make your ceramics dreams come true! Ceramics is one of The Northwest School’s original interest groups. Primarily self-directed, you can make anything you want and keep it. There is a DJ picked for every session, it’s therapeutic, fun, and doesn’t stain your clothes. Open to everyone, grades 6-12. “Ask your doctor if ceramics is right for you!” – Randy.

Chess Club – Earth Lab – Thursday During Flex

Chess Club, run by Luke P. ‘25, is a place for students to socialize, compete and play chess. You don’t need to be experienced to join, just come have fun and meet new people.

D&D Interest Group – Lawrence Knight – Thursday During Flex

D&D, also known as Dungeons and Dragons, is an interest group for all students to get together and explore fantasy worlds and collaborative storytelling. Dungeons and Dragons is a role-playing game and regardless of your experience, there is no winning or losing. Come step into the role of heroes and roll some dice to decide their fate in a new reality. All students are welcome to join.

Drawing Interest Group – Feynman – Thursday During Flex

Drawing interest group is a mix of every grade from 6-12 who come to draw. With music playing in the background and drawing materials provided for students to choose from, perfect for relaxing and synchronizing the hand and eye for 30 minutes.

Model UN – Physics – Thursday During Flex

Looking to grow your confidence in public speaking? Model UN is a group led by Scout N. ‘23, and Romeo H. ‘23, for students to discuss world events, and attend annual conferences, where students debate important topics such as gender equality, climate change, and global health. Model UN meets every Thursday during flex for anyone in middle and upper school.

Morning Meeting Interest Group – Euclid – Thursday During Flex

Middle School Morning Meeting Interest Group works on presentations for MS morning meetings. Come help Monica, Son Callie Hargrove and Kai Nahm prepare the slide show for morning meetings, to make it more fun and interesting. Bring your creative ideas with you. This group is open for middle school students on Thursdays during flex. 

Programming Interest Group – Computer Lab – Thursday During Flex

The Programming Interest Group is a good group for anyone interested in learning to code, collaborating with others, or for those who want to work on other programming projects to join. This group is open for anyone including middle and high school students.

Social Committee – Romero – Thursday During Flex

Social committee is the group behind all the school events such as pep rallies, dances, spirit week, bake sales and more. This group is open to upper school students to talk about fun ideas to help get the community together. 

Teen Link – Taussig – Thursday During Flex

Teen Link is an organization that spreads mental health awareness. Charlotte F. ‘23 created this interest group to encourage students in the middle and upper school to join this organization. This interest group meets every other week on Thursdays flex period to learn about mental health and how they can support others that might be struggling with it. 

Ultimate Interest group – Roof – Thursday During Flex

The Ultimate Interest group has been around for 5 years now, with the first founders being middle school students who wanted to play ultimate all-year round. This group has grown to be open to middle and high school students. You don’t need to be experienced to join. This is a place for you to learn and have fun.

Graphic Novel – Raven – Thursday During Flex

This group is open to everyone from 6-12 grade. Clara ‘29 leads this group. Clara invites anyone who enjoys making art with stories, not just drawings.

Puzzle Making – Drawing Studio – Thursday During Flex 

This is a great place for students to meet new people and work on puzzles together. There has been a donation of puzzles! If you’re interested in puzzle challenges and meeting people this group is the perfect place for you to join on Thursdays during Flex. All students are welcome to join.

Environmental Interest Group (EIG) –  Garden – Thursday During Flex

The Environmental Interest Group takes place in the garden. As it is approaching winter they are weeding and getting ready to create a space for new plants to thrive. You don’t need any prior experience and tools and gears are provided for students. We’re looking for students who have ideas on getting more involved with the environmental issues at northwest but also encourage students from 6-12 grade who want to help the school’s garden grow to join.

Honey Bee (Creative Writing) – Chavez – Thursday During Flex

The Honey Bee interest group is led by seniors Ayden D. ‘23 and Josie F. ‘23. They wanted to create a safe space to share writing and created a Literary Arts Magazine. They created a space for Northwest School students from 9-12 grade to share visual arts outside of classes. If you’re interested in creating a magazine and enjoy visual arts this group is a great group to join. They are planning their next publication, and submissions close on December 20th, 2022. 

Badminton & Pickleball Interest Groups – Gym – Thursday During Flex

If you’re looking for something to do in the gym during Interest Groups, try out Badminton & Pickleball! The badminton interest group is open to all grades from 6-12. You don’t need to be experienced to join, all you need is the interest to learn and have fun. A great group to join to have fun and compete.

Photo Interest Group – Photo Lab – Thursday During Flex

The Photo Interest group is led by seniors Raymond L.’23 and Frankie A. ‘23. This group is made for students interested in the art of photography and learning more about how to use cameras and which style works best for you. “photography isn’t just capturing pictures, it is narrating a story or trying to persuade someone” – Raymond L.

We hope you found a group that piqued your interest in this list. But remember, if you don’t see your interests reflected in this list, go start your own group!

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