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Fall Spirit Week Recap

Last updated on February 2, 2023

The first Spirit Week of the ‘22-’23 school year took place last week! Organized by the Social Committee, Spirit Week involved everyone in the school, students and faculty alike. It started with Halloween and ended with color day, the fun spirit continuing throughout the week. After first period on Friday of Spirit Week, the whole school celebrated the cross country team on the main floor for them making state. This pep rally was a great way to wrap up the week. Finally, the most spirited grade this week was the seniors! 

MONDAY: Haunted Haüs

On Halloween, everyone came to school in their costumes. From inflatable dinosaurs to Steve Lacy, the costumes worn on Monday were highly creative. The salad bar in the cafeteria was also stocked with Skittles and Red Vines to continue the Halloween spirit. Haunted Häus was also the day with the most participation.

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Twin day, which was originally dress as your type day, was full of plaid pyjamas and suits. This was definitely another fun day to have in the beginning of the week to pull friend groups together and show off their fun outfits. 

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WEDNESDAY: Western Wednesday

Another day full of plaid, Western Wednesday had a high rate of participation. Many people chose the traditional path and showed up in cowboy boots and hats, but some chose the more alternative aesthetic and used pink, fluffy hats to show their western spirit.

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publishinghaus | publishinghaus

THURSDAY: Adam Sandler vs. Kevin A.

Thursday’s theme was a great day to wind down the week with casual vs. business attire. Adam Sandler is known for his many movies, but also his relaxed style of oversized basketball shorts and t-shirts. Dean of Students Kevin A., on the other hand, wears khakis and a button down almost every day, which is the business part of the theme. Although many people chose to dress as Sandler, students dressing in Kevin’s style was well represented throughout the whole school as well.

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FRIDAY: Color Day

The week ended with color day, with each grade assigned their own colors. From 6th grade to seniors, the color assignments were maroon, white, gray, purple, green, blue, and pink. Not only did this unify grades but it was a great theme to see during the pep rally for the Cross Country Team. 

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publishinghaus | publishinghaus

For future Spirit Weeks, some ideas were: emo day, VSCO day, anything but a backpack day, and throwback day. These days were all suggested through the interviews we conducted at the Publishing Haus. If there’s enough support, they could even be suggested to the Social Committee to be added to the next Spirit Week.

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