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Tips for getting out of bed in the morning

For many people getting up in the morning is really hard. The majority of teenagers should be going to bed earlier, but this poses a challenge for many people with big workloads and the distraction of social media. So as we go into the new school year, here are some tips that can help you get to school on time and start this year off right. 

Place your alarm clock (or your phone) across the room 

While this doesn’t work for everyone, it can be good for light sleepers, people with access to very loud alarm clocks, and people who are fans of pushing themselves to get up quickly in the morning. By putting your alarm clock across your room you are forcing yourself to get out of bed to turn it off. However this tip has side effects, so be warned: if you do sleep through your alarm there is a good chance it will wake someone else up, and they will be forced to get up and turn it off, resulting in a very awkward breakfast. 

Let natural light into your room

If you have a window in your room a smart thing to do is let natural light in. Natural light is good for your skin, body, and mind. It’s a very gentle and nice way to be woken up. This works best for those who have managed to go to sleep on the earlier side. 

Eat a good breakfast 

Eating a good breakfast is key to having a healthy and energetic day. It keeps your body clock on track and helps you focus. Some of our favorite breakfasts here at the Publishing Haüs include bacon and egg sandwiches, pancakes, cereal, and matcha chia seed pudding. We know that when rushing out of your house, with unbrushed hair and half-finished homework, breakfast is the last thing on your mind. But eating something, even something small, is a good way to get your brain and body up and running. 


A popular cafe to go to is Kaladi’s. No, this article is not sponsored, although I wish it was. The lovely barista Angela has a list of their favorite fun coffees to try for fall! In Capitol Hill, there is no lack of coffee shops, but I think we all know that Kaladi’s is the unofficial cafe of the Northwest School. So, if you’re feeling drowsy in the morning, consider any of the following: 

  1. The Classic Chai tea latte 
  2. The Lavender oat milk latte 
  3. The Famous Kaladi Blend 
  4. The Caramel macchiato
  5. The seasonal pumpkin spiced latte 
publishinghaus | publishinghaus


Of course, these tips are just that, only tips. Writers at the Publishing Haüs are happy to share their wisdom and knowledge of good food, loud annoying alarm clocks, and coffee. As we go through the school year, if ever you find yourself overwhelmed, I hope these tips will help to guide and support you through the beginning of school. Have a great year! 


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