Students and Faculty Come Together For First Pep Rally of the Year

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Northwest’s fall sports season has been full of excitement with our boys ultimate frisbee team going 8-2, our girls soccer team staying competitive throughout their season, a handful of standout cross country runners hoping to make it to state, and all three girls’ volleyball teams playing hard to win some very challenging games. 

To celebrate these teams and the amazing athletes that are a part of them, the social committee organized a pep rally last Wednesday. The event was held in the gym during Community Meeting time, and the energy in the room was electric. Students showed up to school decked out in maroon and white, some even adorned in face paint and mardi gras beads. As they entered the gym they were greeted by the Pep band, a collective of students led by music teacher Erin K-H. The band has been a staple at pep rallies and fan nights in the past, and they did not disappoint at their first appearance of the year. Once all the students had arrived, Northwest’s Performing Dance Ensemble kicked off the celebration with a performance to Cardi B’s “I like it.” The dance featured choreography from Araiza S. ‘23 and Owen T. ‘23. As always the group was synchronized and enthusiastic and did an amazing job energizing the crowd. 

The pep rally got underway with a 12th and 9th grade vs 11th and 7th grade tug-of-war match. Both teams were determined to win, and the contest was close, but in the end, the 12th and 9th graders pulled through with the win. That match was followed by many others, most notably a 12th grade vs faculty face-off. Things were looking good for the seniors when teams were chosen, that is until Britt A. walked onto the court. The game was over quickly, with the faculty showing no mercy towards the overconfident group of seniors on the other side of the rope. 

The class of ‘23, however, got a chance to redeem themselves in a game of musical chairs. One representative from each grade was chosen to compete in the event, each more determined to win than the next. Every round was an aggressive fight to stay in the game, with one student being eliminated each time until only three remained. Raymond L. ‘23, Luke P. ’25, and Tina C. ’26 squared off to earn their place in the semi-finals, which only two could advance to. In a heartbreaking loss, Luke was eliminated, leaving Raymond and Tina to fight for the title of Musical Chair Champion. They slowly circled around the one chair left, the noise of the rest of the school growing louder and louder around them. When the music stopped Raymond grabbed the chair off the ground, stealing it for himself to sit in. However, in a controversial turn of events, Tina was declared the winner by Dean of Students, Kevin A, much to the shock of the group of senior boys who had stormed the stage thinking they had won.

In addition to these fun events, we honored our fall athletes by calling all the team captains to the front of the room. Each received applause and cheers from the audience, closing off the first pep rally of the year. If you would like to further support Northwest’s sports teams you can find game times and locations on the athletics calendar, located on the Northwest School website. Even though all teams have already held their fan nights, support is always appreciated and girls soccer, girls volleyball, and boys ultimate frisbee all have yet to hold their respective senior nights. In the near future, the social committee will be organizing spirit weeks and a fall homecoming dance which they hope will have a similar turnout to last week’s pep rally. Everyone who participated in the pep rally, especially PDE and pep band, brought enthusiasm and school spirit, making it a really fun and exciting event.

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