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Northwest Fall Sports Overview

At the Northwest School, we are almost at the end of the fall sports season. There have been highs and lows, many great wins, and many tough losses. Overall, our Northwest School teams have seen a lot of success. I had the chance to talk with a captain from each fall sports team to get a brief overview of each team’s season.

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The varsity boys frisbee team is keeping their winning tradition alive with an impressive record of 8-2 (As of mid-October). The playoffs are well in reach for the frisbee team, currently sitting in second in their league. I interviewed captains Cal P. ‘23 and Miles N. ‘23 about the season so far. “We’ve been doing a really good job with a zone and being patient against it”, Cal says, “throughout the season we’ve really identified things we need to work on and improved on them with focused practices.” While working hard to improve on specific things has been a strong suit for the team, Cal also says the team could work on “maintaining consistent energy levels throughout the entire game. Sometimes we and the other team have a scoring streak and we just need to keep our energy up.” The in-game play hasn’t been the only thing the team has enjoyed this season, as Cal describes, one of the best parts of the year has been “going on our team bonding trip to camp Gallagher, before we had any of our games. It was a good opportunity to bond with each other and get to know the team.” Next up for the team is playoffs. Cal says, “we’re looking to put our best foot forward and go deep in the playoffs.” On Wednesday, October 26th, they will play Bush for a spot in the state playoffs.

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Cross Country 

Coming into the season, cross country captain Stephen B-H. ‘23 says, “I really just want to win state. But league champions is a realistic goal. I think we’re ranked 3rd right now and have been working really hard.” The cross country team had a great experience in Portland, going down for a meet and scoring season-best times. Captain Stephen had an especially great time saying, “I ran a 15:46.2 5000m which was a personal best by about 10 seconds. It was a great experience and really fun to go to Portland.” When asked what the team could improve on,  Stephen says, “we could have better team spirit, we have groups of people in the team, and we don’t all support each other as much as we could.”  Stephen’s time of 15:46 remains the best men’s time from the team this year, with Desmond S. ‘24 and Deigo S. ‘25 running the 2nd and 3rd best 5000-meter times this season at 16:21.8 and 17:21.0 respectively. On the women’s side, Isla C. ‘23, the other XC team captain, holds the season best, with an outstanding 19:10.2 5000 meter time. June P. ‘23 ran the second fastest time this season with a 22:13.4, and Delphine W. ‘25 the third fastest with a 22:29.2 time. Overall, the cross country team has had a great season so far, with great 5000m times and had lots of fun. They have a meet on October 22nd in Granite Falls, so make sure to show up to support the cross country team!  

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Girls Soccer 

The girls soccer season has been slow, but still fun for the players. The team record is currently 3-6. In the words of captain Charlotte C. ‘24, “Making everyone feel comfortable with each other, having a good time, and winning, is really what the team wants to focus on this year.”  Charlotte describes what the team enjoyed this year noting, “the team bonding events, and the game against Granite Falls, which we didn’t win but played really well.” The Granite Falls game ended in a 3-2 loss, but the team showcased great play regardless. Another bright spot of the year was a dominant 5-0 win over Forest Ridge. Overall, team play has been good, but Charlotte describes some of the team struggles saying, “communication and encouragement is something we could improve on. I want to see us win more games and continue to bond moving forward.” Though the season has been slow, the team is riding on 2 wins in their past 3 games. Most recently was a confident 4-0 win over Sultan. On October 21st, the team will take on Cedar Park at Boddy Morris.  

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This season we have seen a potential state title appearance from the ultimate team, incredible 5000m times from the cross country team, a potential first-place finish for the volleyball team, and a fun team bonding season for girls soccer. We hope to see the success continue into the playoffs. Go Haüs!

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