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A Deep Dive Into the 2021-2022 Sports Season

Last updated on June 9, 2022

Northwest athletics have always been a unique community-building outlet, and this year was no exception. From the integration of pep rallies to the electric fan night atmospheres, Northwest School sports were built on the foundation of our community this past year. After suffering the era of empty stadiums and masks, the revitalization of Northwest sports’ signature community feel was eagerly anticipated by all of our athletes. We (Maya L. ’23, Ari C. ‘24, and Owen G. ’22) are excited to highlight the people and moments over the past school year that elevated our athletics program in a new era of Northwest sports.

We had the chance to talk with Northwest’s Athletic Director, Britt Atack, who has been working at the Northwest school for 31 years. He shared his most memorable moments saying, “Fan Night events stand out in my mind. I so love all the wonderful energy brought by the fans on those occasions. As for specific highlights, Roshann P. ’22 crushing a direct kick on Fan Night for girls soccer and Alex B. ’22 burying a three-pointer on Senior Night for boys basketball were especially awesome moments that will stick with me.” Having the chance to highlight these memorable moments from the school year is so important. 

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We also had the chance to talk with Britt about what sports looked like during COVID. We had shortened seasons and a lot of constraints around COVID safety protocols. Seeing teams having full seasons this year has been such a joy for our community. Britt shared his opinion saying, “There’s so much more development within the teams when they have a full season to train, grow, and come to know each other at a deeper level.” In no way was sports during COVID easy, but Northwest was definitely able to make the best of it. Without a doubt, it was incredible to see things start to get closer to normal this year.

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All of our athletes at Northwest are amazing, but we wanted to shout out some outstanding individuals from this year. This year we had 22 student athletes selected for 25 different all conference honors, with Miles N. ’23, Shoshana R. ’22, and Naomi F. ’22 receiving all conference honors in multiple sports. 

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Being able to have access to sports teams is so important. People join sports teams for so many different reasons. It can be anything from making deep friendships, wanting to be a part of a community, and becoming more fit, strong, and capable. There are also so many learning opportunities you get while being a part of a sports team. Just a few examples of what a sports team can bring to you can be understanding the importance of how to be committed and accountable and how to be a part of a team.

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Thank you to everyone in the community for helping to uplift our student athletes with your continued and unwavering support of Northwest athletics. Your encouragement is the cornerstone of our sports program and motivates our athletes to realize their full athletic potential. As for the student athletes, your commitment has enabled our athletic program and school spirit to flourish this past year. Thank you everyone for your hard work and determination this past year! Additionally, if you’re interested in learning more about the student athlete perspective on Northwest sports this year, make sure to check out our sports recap podcast available on the Publishing Haüs website

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Fall Sports 

Boys Ultimate Frisbee

  • Miles N. ’23, All Conference 1st Team
  • Cal P. ’23, All Conference 1st Team
  • Jonah T. ’22, All Sound Conference 2nd Team 

Girls Volleyball

  • Ari C. ’24, All Conference 1st Team
  • Katie N. ’22, All Conference 2nd Team

Cross Country

  • Isla C. ’23, Emerald Sound Conference Girls Cross Country MVP 
  • Stephen B-H. ’23, Emerald Sound Conference Boys Cross Country MVP
  • Naomi F. ’22, Emerald Sound All Conference Team
  • Desmond S. ’24, Emerald Sound All Conference Team
  • Merek W. ’22, Emerald Sound All Conference Team
  • Anders B. ’22, Emerald Sound All Conference Team

Girls Soccer

  • Roshann P. ’22, Emerald Sound Conference MVP 
  • Shoshana R. ’22, Emerald Sound All Conference
  • Charlotte C. ’24, Emerald Sound All Conference
  • Dustin H. ’23, Emerald Sound All Conference

Winter Sports

Girls Basketball

  • Shoshana R. ’22, All Conference 1st Team

Boys Basketball 

  • Miles N. ’23, Emerald Sound Conference 1st Team
  • Seth H. ’23, Emerald Sound Conference 2nd Team

Spring Sports

Boys Soccer 

  • Owen G. ’22, Emerald Sound All Conference
  • Merrik P. ’23, Emerald Sound All Conference
  • Will C. ’22, Emerald Sound All Conference

Girls Ultimate

  • Naomi F. ’22, Emerald Sound Conference co-MVP
  • Lucy S. ’22, Emerald Sound Conference 2nd Team
  • Scout N. ’23, Emerald Sound Conference 1st Team
  • Sasha H. ’23, Emerald Sound Conference 1st Team

Track & Field 

  • Stephen B-H. ’23, 5th in State in 1600m and 3200m, All Conference Track & Field, 1600m/3200m
  • Desmond S. ’24, 3rd in State in 3200m, All Conference Track & Field, 3200m
  • Isla C. ’23, 5th in State in 3200m, All Conference Track & Field, 800m/1600m/3200m
  • Jacquie S. ’25, 6th in State in 200m, All Conference Track & Field, 100m/200m
  • Noah T. ’22, State qualifier and All Conference Track & Field, Triple Jump
  • David L. ’22, State qualifier and All Conference Track & Field, Discus
  • Dash S. ’23, All Conference Track & Field, Triple Jump

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