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New Places to Go Around Capitol Hill

Last updated on March 23, 2022

I am sure a lot of us are looking forward to being able to do more activities without the gloomy weather being an issue. With the state loosening up on restrictions, including lifting the mask mandate on March 12th, Northwest has been too. There is finally, at long last, more freedom for going out during the school day, which will let students go to cool places around Capitol Hill. 

There have been a few articles on places where you can get food in Capitol Hill, to see some of their recommendations see Zaria J. ‘24, and Ursula T. ‘23’s articles from last trimester. I wanted to share some fun new places to go if you are looking for something to do in your free time, and don’t want to go far from school. 

Many of us don’t play pool much, except for the occasional game pigeon round. If you are looking to learn how and try out pool, or just want to practice, Ox Billiards is the place to go. It is a super cool place, and pool is a unique interest that you could take up. It is a 15-minute walk from school and opens right at 3:00, so it is a perfect place to go for an after-school activity. You can play Pool, Chinese 8-Ball, and Snooker for only $12-$15 per table.

Ox Billiards is on Broadway, which is home to many other fun and unique shops and stores. If you are into thrifting or want to try it out, take a quick 15-minute walk to Broadway. With second-hand stores like Crossroads Trading Company, The New York Xchange, Revival Shop Seattle, and Lifelong Thrift Store, you will definitely be able to find something you like. Crossroads is a second-hand store that sells popular branded vintage and contemporary clothing. It is more pricey than stores like goodwill, but you can still find reasonably priced items. Lifelong Thrift Store has a very big selection of low-priced clothes, and if you head downstairs, you will find unique household items. At Spin Cycle Records you can find vinyl, video games, and movies for a variety of prices, it also has a very cool atmosphere inside. 

If you get tired from shopping and need to take a quick snack break, there are many places along Broadway to go. Some of my favorites are Dicks Drive-In, Hi Tea Cafe, Tacos Chúkis, and Li’l Woody’s. 

NEKO Cat Cafe Seattle is a really cool place to go if you love cats or animals. You can sit down for a 45-minute stay and order cafe items, or you can just hang out with the cats. The cats that you will see in the cafe are adoptable, or just there for you to see and play with. On the more expensive side, at about $20 for a 45-minute stay not including drinks and food, the Cat Cafe is a special experience. 

If you haven’t been to The Elliott Bay Book Company, this is a must-see. The bookstore has a huge selection of over 150,000 books, all set on beautiful cedar shelves. To hold all of these books, the store has two levels, including a third for exclusive readings. If you want to sit at the coffee shop and do homework or look around at books, it is a very chill yet fun and entertaining place to be. 

All of these places are within a 20-minute walk from school and are all open to all ages. Hopefully, you can check out these places, and find some new go-to spots within the vicinity of the school.

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