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Low-key Underrated Food and Coffee Places Near NWS

Last updated on January 5, 2022

After school can be a time of joy or stress, depending on your schedule. For many, after-school activities may be sports, hanging out with friends, tutoring, or just going home. Whatever you’re doing, food, snacks, and/or drinks are normally involved. But where do those treats come from? Well, let me suggest a few places you may or may not have heard of that are not only fantastic but affordable and convenient as well! (Note: all price ranges are rounded up and are single order range)


Cherry Street Café

This cafe is the essence of chill vibes and concert/festival lovers. The music is always a perfect fit to listen to while you enjoy a tea or a breakfast bagel sandwich. Accommodations for those with certain allergies and dietary restrictions are easily and happily accommodated. 

  • Expenses
    • Food — $7 – $12
    • Drinks — $5 – $8
  • Hours
    • 7 AM-3 PM (Mon-Fri)
    • 8 AM-3 PM (Sat-Sun)

“Definitely a great place to go before school and for those that are allowed off-campus for lunch. Suggested drink and snack: Milky way granita and chocolate chip banana bread.” –Anonymous customer 


Rancho Bravo Tacos

Tacos: everyone loves them. Rancho Bravo counter-serves classic Mexican cuisine from a well-celebrated food truck. It is loved by many, not just for its great food, but late hours as well. This really is an admirable place, that is open and ready to serve during the afternoon to late evening hours.

  • Expenses
    • Food — $5 – $11 
  •  Hours
    • 10:30 AM-10:30 PM (Sun-Thur)
    • 10:30 AM-3 PM (Fri-Sat) 

“The best item is definitely the tacos or the bravo burrito. Their salsas go great with their food as well and a drink that I personally love getting with my food is horchata. It’s literally the perfect sweetness.” -Anonymous Capitol Hill resident


Ghost Note Coffee

Ghost Note is a lovely place to visit throughout every season and holiday to try their varied seasonal drinks and teas. Purchase their varied blends of coffee from Latin America and Africa and teas from Asia. I definitely recommend trying their vegan-friendly signature drinks as well as their other amazing coffees and teas.

  •   Expenses
    • Drinks — $5 – $7 
  •  Hours
    • 8 PM-5 PM (Mon-Fri)
    • 8 AM-3 PM (Tuesday)
    • 8 AM-6 PM (Sat-Sun)

Ghost Note is a great choice for unusual flavors and house-made cocoa, chai, etc. (what I call fancy coffee).” – anonymous surveyee



Filled with a warm aroma of Brazilian coffee and sweet and savory treats, the wooden interior compliments the warm and cozy feeling of the café. This Brazilian café serves tasty and perfectly baked treats!

  • Expenses
    • Food — $4 – $15
    • Drinks — $4 – $13
  • Hours
    • 7 AM-7 PM (Sun-Sat)

Recommended: “Definitely a Brazilian shake with a little vanilla and a Chicken cone – heated” -Anonymous surveyee


Biang Biang Noodles

This amazing female-owned business sells wide noodles, giving a warm and tasty meal to those who eat it. The excitement and hunger you feel when receiving your noodles will definitely make you crave more.

  • Expenses
    • Food — $6 – $18
    • Drinks —  $3 – $6
  • Hours
    • 11:30 AM-9:00 PM (Sun-Thur)
    • 11:30 AM-9:30 PM (Fri-Sat) 

“Wide noodles at Biang Biang! …excellent examples of noodle variations from Western China, and both very close to NWS.” -Anonymous surveyee


Realfine Coffee

This small café is loved by those all over Seattle. Admire their aesthetic interior plant wall and bright energy. Due to Covid, they are currently not allowing indoor seating, but that does not change the amazing coffee!

  • Expenses
    • Drinks — $3 – $6 
  • Hours
    • 7 AM-4 PM (Mon-Fri)
    • 8 AM-4 PM (Sat-Sun)

This cute coffee shop is a good hangout spot with your coffee for reading a book or meeting a friend.” –Anonymous customer


Victrola Coffee Roasters

When you first walk into this cafe you get hit with the scent of freshly brewed coffee. The aroma in this café will make you want to stay even longer, so maybe try going here after school and get some work done, read a book, or hang out with friends!

  • Expenses
    • Food – $16 – $21
    • Drinks — $8 – $10
  • Hours
    • 7 AM-6 PM (Sun-Sat)

Victrola (Pike & Bellevue) is my absolute favorite. Great coffee, friendly baristas. As for the drink: I favor a double shot of espresso in a porcelain cup – no sugar.” -Anonymous surveyee

 These are only a few locations that fly under the radar of many Northwest Students that are affordable for teens on a budget. These places are very convenient for Northwest students to visit before and/or after school, so, go check them out next time you’re looking for a new place to get a treat!



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