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Spirit Week Recap

On Monday October 25th 2021, The Northwest School community participated in its very first spirit week for the school year. Due to the pandemic last year, our community was unable to have a spirit week. Finally being able to have a spirit week again after two years brought tons of joy and festivity for our community. This year,  spirit week was made up of fun clothing themes, a pep rally, and fun sports events for the Northwest Community.

Monday’s theme: PJ day! This has been a recurring theme for this day of the week because a lot of people tend to participate and it is a relaxing way to start the week. There were also donuts being handed out throughout the day to students and staff to put people in the happy morning mood!

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Tuesday’s theme: Twin Tuesday and/or anything but a backpack day. This seemed to be one of the most creative days of the week. Students were either twinning with their friends or carrying anything but a backpack. Walking around school on Tuesday was hilarious! You could find students carrying microwaves, shopping carts, and strollers filled with their school supplies. 

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Wednesday’s theme: Pink Out! (on Wednesdays we wear pink). This day was  decided because of the Mean Girls reference, but also because October was Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The volleyball fan night and senior night was also held that Wednesday and seeing the community all pinked out in support for the volleyball players was a joy! During community meeting time there was a pep rally thrown for students who participated in fall sports. This pep rally was very special. Being together as a community after so much time apart made this pep rally have so much energy and happiness.

Thursday’s Theme: Throwback Thursday! This is also another popular and recurring theme, so Northwest decided to stick to tradition.The 6th graders rocked The Stone Age, 7th graders The Middle ages, 8th graders dressed as 50s, 9th graders took on 60s, 10th graders 70s, 11th graders 80s, 12th graders 2000s and Faculty did the 90s. Walking the halls and seeing everyone in their Throwback outfits was so much fun!

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Friday’s Theme: Costume day! Halloween was the upcoming weekend so it was decided to have this be the day for costumes. Students dressed up in their costumes and took photos with their friends in a photo booth that was set up in the commons. Throughout the day, if you saw a senior with a candy bag you could go up to them and say, “Trick or treat!” for a candy of your choice. 

This year, the spirit week was planned by seniors  Ella R. ‘22, Brooklyn J. ‘22, and Camille L. ‘22. In order to plan this year’s spirit week, these seniors all took part in creating a social committee at Northwest. They decided to create a social committee in order to have more student input for spirit week, dances, and other social events. The leaders of the committee and their faculty, Kevin, had a couple meetings, once per week discussing the spirit week ideas. 

Camille L. ‘22 told me her personal favorite day of spirit week was Wednesday saying, “Personally, pink is my favorite color so seeing everyone decked out in pink I really loved it. I also think that this wednesday (and Monday) had the best turnout and participation. The pink out Wednesday not only referenced mean girls, one of my favorite movies, but also spread awareness about an important issue that should be addressed, breast cancer awareness month.”

After having a hard year due to the pandemic, our community finally being able to come together and all participate in this year’s spirit week was so amazing. Seeing everyones costumes and outfits each day was a thrill. On top of that, the social committee did a fantastic job planning this year’s spirit week! Awesome job showing your spirit this year Northwest!

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