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Letter From The Sports Editor


What a year! Back in September there was so much uncertainty. I specifically remember that one time in science class the attendance question was, “When do you think in-person school will start again?” The majority of students were hopeful at the time, giving answers like November or December… At least we had hope? During this time, students were isolated in their bedrooms, rarely leaving their houses. No in-person classes, no sports, nothing. Many students were longing for any type of activity, like playing their favorite sport, but because of the seriousness of the pandemic we could not. It seemed like every time I asked when sports seasons were going to happen, the answer I got was pushed back, and it seemed like there was little hope. 

In the spring of 2021,the sports seasons finally started back up. An anonymous student said: “it was just so great to be able to finally have fun after so many long boring nights of being confined to my room.” In a past interview, Brit Atack,  the athletics director, said “it’s just good to see kids playing again.” When the sports season started again everyone was happy sports were back. Not all of the Northwest sports seasons have concluded, but the Northwest School students have accomplished a lot nonetheless. I would like to shout out some big achievements from this year so far:

Boys Ultimate won the ESC championship; Girls Ultimate finished 2nd

Stephen Bleakley-Harris won the ESC Boys Cross Country title and was named the boys conference MVP.

Owen DeVore was named the conference MVP for Boys Ultimate.

Roshann Purcell was named conference MVP for Girls Soccer.

Naomi Fina was named the conference MVP for Girls Ultimate.

Other All Conference honorees: 

  Ari Clarkson, 1st Team, Girls Volleyball

  Merrik Plummer: 1st Team, Boys Soccer

  Shoshana Rosen: 1st Team, Girls Soccer

  Makeda Clements: 1st Team, Girls Soccer

  Sasha Hanna: 1st Team, Girls Ultimate

  Freya Larsen: 1st Team, Girls Ultimate

  Cal Phinney: 1st Team, Boys Ultimate

  Haylie Bleakley-Harris: 1st Team, Girls Cross Country

  Isla Chadsey: 1st Team, Girls Cross Country

  Desmond Stanfield: 1st Team, Boys Cross Country

  Merek Weed: 1st Team, Boys Cross Country

  Anders Blaine: 2nd Team, Boys Cross Country

  Lucy Sevetson: Honorable Mention, Girls Ultimate

  Jonah Tannen: Honorable Mention, Boys Ultimate

  Hannah Pierce: Honorable Mention, Girls Volleyball

  Lily Kinerk: Honorable Mention, Girls Volleyball

  Paul Cellini – Boys 400m

  Stephen Bleakley-Harris – Boys 1600m

  Stephen Bleakley-Harris – Boys 3200m

  Maleda Sims – Girls 4×100 relay

  Lily Gotel – Girls 4×100 relay

  Solara Munsson  – Girls 4×100 relay

  Shoshana Rosen  – Girls 4×100 relay

  Logan Spoonemore – Girls Javelin

I am very excited for  the next year of Northwest sports. I’ve heard from students and faculty alike that this sports year was different than any other. Brit Atack even said “I feel like this year, more than any other year, students are having more fun. You know, they just want to get out and play…” This season has shown us how much we truly love and enjoy sports. Sports is one of the things that we often take for granted because it’s always there. But we lost them for a few months and many of us realized how much we needed them. It will be great to see athletes next year continue to love their sports and continue to improve.

Thank you for a great year!

Jose Lopez Bernal

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