Small Town Education: A Follow Up

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This article is a part two to my last article, “Small Town Education,” which was a description of growing up and receiving my education in a small town, and the lack of diversity that small towns bring. Now, I will be updating you and explaining my experience attending the Northwest School for the first time in-person.

 Before this year, I had only been to Seattle once when I was ten. This spring, I visited the Northwest School knowing that I will be moving to Seattle soon. That thought was exciting alone, but adding on being able to go to school in-person, I was ecstatic. 

The week before I was able to attend in-person learning on campus, I was invited to take a tour of the school. I thought the campus was incredible. I loved that it had a garden, and that there were gender-inclusive bathrooms. However, it was surprising that there was carpet on the floor instead of tile because at all of my past schools I’ve attended, spills happened often. There wasn’t free parking for students, which wasn’t really that weird because almost everywhere you go you have to pay to park, but this isn’t something I am used to because there was free parking everywhere in Coos Bay, and multiple parking lots at my old school. 

When I got to school the next week, I was super nervous. I didn’t think I was dressed right. I was worried that I would act weird. Basically I had all of the first-day-of-school nerves. I quietly walked into the school, hoping no one would notice me, but then I met some really kind people. I felt welcomed because as soon as I got to Northwest, a group of people started talking to me and made me feel comfortable. Everyone was nice, both the students and the teachers. I realized I was nervous for no reason. The next day at school, I got to take my art class outside, and it was really beautiful weather that day too.  

Although I didn’t spend much time at the school, the time I did spend there was incredible. The Northwest school provides a very welcoming environment, and I am very happy to be attending this school. The next time I return to school, I will officially be a resident of Seattle, Washington. This article will be followed up by a part three!  


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