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Final Poem

Hi, my name is Maceo. For my final article ever at Northwest,  I thought I would make a poem about all of my 7  years at Northwest. Enjoy. 

7 years 

2,555 days  

61,320 hours 

3,679,200 minutes 

220,752,000 seconds 

That’s a long time 

I wish I could say my Northwest career was smooth 

It wasn’t 

I had a lot of challenges at this school 

I don’t think I would have it any other way 

Northwest is one of a kind 

It is a school where you can launch rockets one day 

And build a popsicle stick bridge the next 

You can wear pajamas one day 

And then a basketball jersey the next 

Northwest is the only place where you can have a real conversation with your teachers 

I used to not like Northwest 

I used to have a hard time coming to school 

I used to pretend that I was sick to miss school 

The building isn’t what makes Northwest good 

The people is what makes Northwest good

I have seen a lot of teachers, and students come and go 

I see a lot of relationships that other schools can’t provided I have met some amazing teachers and students 

I think my senior year group of teachers is the best I have ever had This school is all about human connection 

So, for my final story at a school I have been attending for almost half my life It’s not about the physical school 

It’s about the people 

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