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March Letter From the Editor

Hello Northwest family and friends, and welcome to The Publishing Haus’ fourth edition this school year! We continue to be thankful for the opportunity to share stories that matter and impact all of us, and cannot wait for you to enjoy them too. 

This publication is coming at a time of much excitement and change within our school and greater community. Along with spring has come positivity in the form of sun, warmth, and more opportunities for connection. At MOJO (Mask On Join Others) Northwest students of all grade levels have finally had the opportunity to come back to campus in some capacity. Even more exciting, trimester 3 will be accompanied by a new hybrid schedule: each grade at Northwest can learn on campus for a few days every week. Although this isn’t what any of us would have pictured, we can’t help but be grateful for the opportunity to come back to campus in a safe and healthy way, though it will be different and unfamiliar compared to years past. Northwest teachers and faculty are so excited to be back in the classroom and cannot wait to see their students again! 

Outside of Northwest, other schools are adapting to COVID with hybrid schedules as well. Governor Jay Inslee even announced an emergency decision to open Seattle Public Schools in a smaller capacity starting in early April, in order to protect the mental health of students who have been isolated for a year. It is super exciting to be a part of these new developments and changes, especially for those of us who have missed in-person social interactions within our school community. 

Our writers at The Publishing Haus have been working incredibly hard to publish three separate editions within just this past trimester, for which we are unbelievably proud and excited. This edition, we are covering a wide range of topics that surely includes articles tailored to everyone. If you want to know more about Northwest and what our students and faculty are up to, check out Maya’s article about trimester 3’s schedule shifting, Ari’s interviews with teachers and faculty discussing the return to campus, or learn about Northwest’s sex education program and how it tackles toxic masculinity through Ceci’s article. For those who are fans of music, learn how fun classical music can be with Annika, or read Maceo’s article about the iconic life and career of Prince. If you’re into sports, check out Reese’s article which discusses the risks and benefits of engaging in sports during COVID, or Maceo’s article which gives updates on how Northwest school sports teams are doing this season.There are tons of new, interesting articles up for everyone to enjoy. Thank you so much for reading The Publishing Haus. Enjoy spring break and we’ll see you again for trimester 3!

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