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Time Management During Quarantine

Last updated on March 22, 2021

Nowadays, affected by Covid-19, many aspects of all of our lives have to be done at home and online. Whether it is classes, after-school activities, or even contributions to the community such as volunteering, many of them cannot be directly implemented in person. In the face of these problems, how can we maximize the benefits of our time? How can the time spent on phones and computers become more meaningful? 

Due to the virus, all our courses must be carried out at home. This change has made it impossible for us to meet with classmates and teachers. All homework needs to be completed on the computer, which causes less communication with classmates and friends. Generally, we found that when people use technology, they use it more for researching or recreation, instead of socializing. Faced with such an environment, how to control the use of various electrical appliances (such as computers, mobile phones, etc.) is a very difficult problem. In my own experience, I also found that when we were online all day, we didn’t use that much time on homework or those social apps such as Instagram to relax, but we didn’t spend that much time communicating with friends. At this time, we do get more work to do: stay on track, keep in touch with teachers, all sources that we will need to read through, and etc. With all this, we are spending more time studying than usual. Therefore, during this period, we should pay attention to reduce the use of the screen after school to relieve eye fatigue, do more outdoor sports, strengthen physical fitness, and help improve our healthiness. 

Secondly, we should be pursuing activities in our spare time. Under the influence of the virus, many group exercises have been reduced and even canceled (such as ball games, swimming, etc.). Because of this time, we must be careful not to be completely inactive. Remember to wear a mask when you go out, wash your hands when you come back inside, and disinfect things that you bring in from the outdoors. If you want to exercise, indoor yoga is recommended, along with simple exercises in the backyard, running, and cycling.

Finally, how do we contribute to the community? In a sense, if we can now minimize public activities, stay at home, and protect ourselves from infection, we are already contributing. We can educate ourselves, listen to podcasts, read books, and watch documentaries. In addition, we can keep in touch with the community on the internet, get involved with grassroots organizing, and share our feelings and experiences, which are all forms of participation. We can also choose to do many things alone, such as greening or gardening, which is a good way to spend time at home. 

Because we are quarantined at home, there are many inconveniences in life, but this cannot conceal the beauty of life we see. We must go out of our comfort zone and find different pleasures at such times.

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