A Letter From the Publishing Haus – Remote Learning Edition

Hello Northwest community!

We’re coming at you during an interesting time to be a student, teacher, community member, and Seattleite. There have been lots of interesting things going on in the school, between Arts Fest and the Gala being cancelled, to French exchange students visiting the Haus for two weeks, to the celebration of Women’s History month. And while it can be a challenging time in the community, with stress and anxiety about the Coronavirus spreading, it is also a time of excitement.

The beginning of Trimester 3 is upon us, making us two thirds of the way through the school year. Sophomores will soon be creating their immigration projects, Juniors are gearing up for their research papers, and Seniors are entering the long-awaited senior spring. With this new trimester comes the introduction of online learning for at least two weeks as the Coronavirus is still a concern throughout the community. This will be an adventure for students and faculty alike, but we know that all staff have been hard at work to ensure that the transition is as seamless as possible.

Because we are starting Trimester 3 early, Summits and all Summit trips have been cancelled. This obviously comes with disappointment but is the safest choice for our community members and those living in the countries where we would be visiting. Students who are planning on studying abroad for Trimester 3 are waiting to see if their trips will still be happening, so if you are one of those students, make sure to keep yourself updated.

As we said, it is a tense time in the community. There’s a lot of unanswered questions and anxiety. We encourage all community members to support each other, and most importantly, take care of yourself. Do what makes you happy, and if what makes you happy is reading The Publishing Haus’s most recent edition, then you’re in luck! Stay safe, stay healthy, and don’t forget to support those around you. 

Happy Spring! 

The Publishing Haus

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