A Letter to the MLK Day Planning Committee

As we move forward from our annual celebration of MLK Day, the Publishing Haus staff feels compelled to express our immense gratitude towards the committee of hardworking students who made the day so powerful. As a student-run publication, we are eternally inspired by the work the MLK Day planning committee has done; to see our peers (with some help from faculty) spark such important thought and dialogue within our community—independent of administration—encourages and empowers us to do the same. 

This year, the day took a more introspective approach to the themes and ideas that are generally associated with MLK. Through affinity spaces (and a white anti-racist space) and a group activity surrounding the idea of liberation, the NWS community looked inward on the injustices that exist within our school, rather than focusing on a variety of social justice issues existing in the world at large. In turn, the experience felt constructive, gratifying, and productive, leaving students and faculty with a sense of preparedness to apply the insight they gained about their daily lives at this school. 

While the day itself may be over, the work is not and never will be. The idea of non-closure was stressed heavily by the committee; it is important to understand that liberation is not something that can be simply achieved in any of our lifetimes. However, justice can be achieved, and the committee was clear that our engagement throughout the day was only the beginning of our school’s commitment to social justice. In order to eliminate the injustices affecting our community, we must carry what we’ve gained from the day into our daily lives.

The staff of the Publishing Haus (some of whom also participated in MLK Day planning) understands our duty as reporters and writers to deliver stories that recognize diversity, equity, and inclusion in all respects. So, from one group of hardworking students to another, thank you for an engaging day of introspection, insight, and hope—we aspire to achieve the same with our work.

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