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Meet the Robotics Team!

Last updated on December 16, 2019

This year marks the inaugural year for the Northwest School Robotics team. Led by theatre teacher, Zach H. and with about 6 members, they have competed in one competition so far this year, in which they were able to place in 4th! The team was introduced to the school with a demonstration of a robot they’ve been working on. The team leader, Zach H. sparked the interest of the whole school as he demonstrated the robot’s abilities, which included speaking and giving the students and faculty a laugh. Many were intrigued in what the team would create and build next.

Nathan L.’23  described the team as inclusive and cooperative. As he said, “I feel like we all know each other, and we mostly get along.” A team’s collaborative environment is key to creating robots and multiple members agree that the team has been successful in building a collective environment. Doyoon K. ‘23 said his favorite moment so far was “when our robot ran into the wall after a crash and we had to fix the robot and redo some of the screws. That was the most stressful but funny moment in robotics.” Even when they face challenging situations, they are able to come together and find a solution as a team. 

The Robotics team has had a successful start to the year and we are excited for what awaits the team as it continues to grow. If you are interested in joining the robotics team, contact Zach Humes. 

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