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Cross Country Season Ends on a High Note

Cross country runners performed well at their league championships: the boys team came in first place and the girls’ team came in second – with Greta. H ‘20 finishing first in the girls race! The cross-country teams at Northwest this year were led by girls head coach Joe Bisignano and boys head coach Allen Wood, alongside assistant coaches Luke Lemenager, Lulu Hays and Rachel Leftwich. The varsity team is made up of seven of the fastest runners on the boys’ and girls’ team, the first five of which score points during the race. While there is a designated “varsity,” cross country runners practice together during the official season, so there is little separation within the team. 

 “I love running outside and being with the team; working hard individually but still being part of a whole,” says Ayden D ‘23.  Many of this year’s cross country athletes noted how they love the sport because of the emphasis on individuality and teamwork. Maleda S ‘21, who was the fourth runner on the girls team said, “races can be stressful, but my teammates are always there to give me a hug and help my stress levels.” Isla C ‘23 said, “My favorite moment of the season was when we had a practice on Capital Hill, and it started pouring midway through our run. Everyone was laughing and singing and getting soaked and I loved sharing that moment with the team.” The comfort and friendship within the team seems to motivate them to reach for higher goals and achievements, as shown by their race performances. 

Allen Wood, the boys head coach said his favorite moment of the season was “Having the most boys and girls at the starting line at the league championships,” as Northwest had the largest cross country team in the 1A division in the state. He also talked about how the team dynamic was a “very family-like atmosphere,” similar to the way many of the athletes described their experience. 

The varsity teams worked hard at the Emerald City League Championship on October 25th, claiming the top spots and qualifying for bi-districts. At bi-districts on November 2nd, both teams crushed it by each placing second and qualifying for the WIAA State Championships. Several weekends ago, the varsity team traveled to Pasco, WA for their State meet, where both teams placed ninth overall in the 1A division.

 The cross country team this year was clearly very successful and fun for many of the runners. Many of the athletes have expressed their gratitude and love for the sport and the team. Congratulations to the Varsity team for placing ninth at the State Championships and congrats to the end of the Cross Country season for runners! Happy running!

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