A Letter to Our Readers

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Welcome to the new and improved Publishing Haus! We are so excited to begin another year providing news to the Northwest School community. Though you may have read the newspaper last year, this year’s staff is doing things a little bit differently. One major difference is that there will be biweekly digital publications throughout the year. Yes, you read that right, you will be getting a brand new batch of exciting, interesting articles twice a month! The website will also feature other things, such as “Outfits of the Week” and interactive polls for students. Having a prominent digital edition allows for students who aren’t taking Journalism to be able to connect with us, whether its participating in the online games and polls, or leaving a comment on our articles to share your own perspective. One major goal for The Publishing Haus this year is to make a publication that is genuinely inclusive for the community. Allowing this interaction brings everyone together. We also have a Twitter account this year (@PublishingHaus), so make sure to follow us there for updates on both the community and newspaper! Aside from our online presence, The Publishing Haus will have two print editions, one in the second trimester, and one in the third, so look out for those this year. Our staff is working very hard to bring you news that matters, and we look forward to the coming year!

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