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Varsity Volleyball Feature

Last updated on November 21, 2019

The score is 24 to 16 and tense cheering fills the gym. As the team changes positions to prepare for the ball, the players watch, reacting as the ball sails over the net and… hits outside of the court. The gym erupts into relieved ovation and chaos as students run onto the court to celebrate the Northwest girls’ volleyball team’s first league win! This year the team is made up of six seniors, four juniors, two sophomores, two freshmen and is coached by Ryan Griffiths. While their current league standing is 2:9, they are pushing through the year with their commitment and hard work.

“I love the community of the volleyball team, and I enjoy being able to relax at the end of a long school day with a fun practice,” says Sy’Naeh S ‘20. Volleyball is solely a team sport and players need to be able to trust each other to handle the ball on court; the varsity team seems to have no problem with that because of how hard they have been working to improve their teamwork and strengthen their game. Puja C ‘20 says, “What really works for the team is when we talk, make eye contact, get over our mistakes, and have fun.” And as the season has progressed, the team has made some visible improvements in some of those areas, resulting in their win against Eastside Catholic and their recent well-played game against Seattle Academy.

Nala B ‘20 said that her favorite moment during the season was “winning our game against Eastside prep on fan night.” According to the volleyball’s Instagram account, volleyball fan night had a huge turnout for the varsity game, As some people had to stand because it was such a full house that night! Erin M, a freshman on the team said that on fan night, “Sy’Naeh and many other hitters made great hits and got us a lot of points. The team’s energy went up and everyone was smiling.” That energy seemed to lead them in the right direction, as they won that game on fan night, making it their first league win.

As Varsity continued and finished their season, we saw improvements and growth in their team. Part of their growth is thanks to the overwhelming amount of support they receive from student and faculty fans, and their love for the game also pushes them to work hard and do better. We hope to see all of you at future games! Go Haüs!

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