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Spirit Week 2019 Recap

Last updated on January 30, 2020

Co-written by Maya L. ’23. and Zoe C.’23

Spirit week of 2019 started off strong with twin day, and the halls of Northwest were flooded with students seeing double. We saw twins dressed in everyday clothes, like Coco ‘21 and Athena ‘21 who wore the same jeans and t-shirt. We also saw some people who took the more extravagant path like Sy’Naeh ‘20 and Teo ‘21 who dressed up in thing 1 and thing 2 onesies. When I asked Abbott ‘20 who helped plan spirit week he said one of his favorite days was twin day.  

Wake up Wednesday! Seniors welcomed those who dressed up with pancakes in the main hall. This was by far the day with the most participation. The pajamas people wore varied from attention grabbing onesies to classic sweatpants and a t-shirt. One of our favorite outfits from this day was Puja’s ‘20 who wore a monkey onesie. The seniors said this was one of their favorites as well because of the amount of participation and success with pancake making. 

Thursday was blast from the past. This was a day that people went all out. Those who participated added accessories, hairstyles, and even makeup to their already outstanding outfits. 12th and 8th graders were giving off 90s Friends vibes. 11th and 7th graders brought us back to the peak of musical excellence in the 80s. 10th and 6th graders were looking very trendy in the 70s. Last but not least, the 9th graders and Northwest faculty were chilling out as hippies from the 60s. Abbott said he really liked the throwback outfits because people got creative with them.   

Friday was school colors day! It was time for the Northwest School to show their team spirit! 12th and 8th grades wore white, 11th and 7th grades wore black, 10th grade wore grey, 9th grade wore maroon, 6th and the Faculty also wore maroon. It was great watching everyone get into the school colors!  

Overall spirit week was a success this year! Many students were really excited about it and the seniors are proud of their work in planning. For the juniors who will be planning next year, their biggest advice in making it successful is to start planning as soon as possible.   

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