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Northwest Bus Breaks Down: Wheels No Longer Going Round and Round…

Last updated on November 3, 2019

The Northwest School has a tradition of going on grade trips during the second week of school to begin forming friendships because of the change to high school. The freshman trip was an overall positive experience for the students. However, the end of the trip was not positive.

On September 13th, after about an hour of driving back home, it was time to stop for lunch. The students were happy at lunch as they were able to talk and stretch their legs, but when they heard that one of the charter buses malfunctioned before stopping for lunch and the entire class would have to wait an hour for another bus to come, they were very upset. The entire grade had to wait an hour just for another bus to come and pick the students. The faculty tried to make the students feel better by buying ice cream in town, but the students were very unhappy. Some students had sports practices that they were looking forward to. Others had extremely important matters to attend, one person even was going to show up late to their mom’s first chemo. Teachers were also upset. Teachers had been missing their families, and just wanted to be back. An announcement was even made to the students that the teachers were equally mad as them, so it was unfair to the staff for students to act like they were the only ones affected.

However, this is not the only trouble buses have had at Northwest this year. On September 25th the West Seattle Northwest bus route has had some problems with the school bus. Recently this bus has had issues with timing and other things. One day, the bus proceeded as normal and it was an ordinary bus ride for the students. Just outside of 401 the school bus hit a metro bus. Luckily the hit was minimal, and the students didn’t even feel it. There was a crack on the windshield, but nothing more. The students in the school bus were upset because they were within eyeshot of the school, but they weren’t allowed off the bus for safety reasons. The students were afraid they would be late to class. The students repeatedly asked if they could just walk to school considering the school was a block away, but they weren’t allowed to leave the bus. In the end they were stopped for approximately twenty minutes, and then eventually drove to school. The students made it to school on time, but they were upset because nothing happened, but they had to wait twenty minutes. The next day the students were even more mad when the next day the bus showed up twenty minutes late. Many students had left by that point, and they were perturbed hoping to get to school on time.

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