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Urban Float

Last updated on November 1, 2019

Ella A., Sophomore

Urban float is a company started in 2011 that has invented a new way for people to relax, that they call “floating.” Floating is basically lying in a small pod full of warm water with lots and lots of salt in it. The salt prevents you from sinking and makes it super easy to relax, some even fall asleep! Your experience starts by choosing what you would like to hear during your float. The wide variety of options include anything from classical music to the sound of waves on the beach. You then are shown to your room and your float time begins! The room includes a shower, a place to put your clothes and the floating pod. The pod lights up with calming blue lights and has a button to turn the lights on or off. It also has a washcloth in case the salt water gets in your eyes. Along with floating being beneficial to your mental health, studies show that it benefits your physical health as well. It reduces everyday aches and pain and improves the quality of your sleep. The mental and emotional benefits include stress reduction, an increase in focus, enhanced creativity, decreased anxiety, a reduction of  symptoms of depression, and increased optimism. The experience overall is very relaxing and leaves you feeling incredibly calm. This type of relaxation is highly suggested for anyone who experiences stress in their everyday lives and needs a way to relax their minds and bodies. Taking time out of your week to relax and rejuvenate is very important for your overall health and is a habit everyone should practice.

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