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Letter from the Editors

Last updated on November 1, 2019

Dear Northwest students, faculty, & friends,

Welcome back from what was hopefully a restful break, and happy new year! We are honored to present you with this brand new edition the Publishing Haus, complete with all new articles to brighten your dark, chilly winter day. Now that we are deep into the dreary winter months, it’s important to take some time to celebrate our community, and reflect on the world around us. Despite the lack of snow (and abundance of rain), it’s important to appreciate our wonderful Seattle winters, and the fun winter spirit that will carry us through to the spring. Whether you prefer to embrace the wet outdoors of the pacific northwest or to stay inside until the sun reappears, take some time to read these stories from our community, and the unique perspectives our staff would like to share.

Congrats for already getting half way through the 2018-2019 school year, and keep up the good work as we head into the second half of trimester two. Remember to stay on top of that increasing homework load, and don’t forget to check you email (hopefully minus the all school reply messages…)! A new year means a fresh start, and all of us here at the Publishing Haus have high hopes for each and every one of you heading into 2019. To help you along the way, we made sure to include a range of exciting and interesting articles. Don’t miss the intriguing exploration of the NWS grading system, a mouth water review of Seattle’s new Shake Shack and, as promised, take a peek into your future with this edition’s horoscopes.

So, without further ado, grab some hot coco, cozy up next to the fireplace, and dive into this all new, ‘frosty’ edition of your favorite school newspaper!

With love,

Greta, Scout, Scarlett, and Amelia

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