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An Interest Group That’s Actually Interesting

Last updated on November 1, 2019

Cooper M., Freshman

With the beginning of the second Trimester, a new and intriguing interest group has captured the attention of many; an investment group, that will be taking part in a competition that invests fake money into the real stock market. The group will be using “Portfolios with a Purpose” an online program that allows users to pay a small entry fee to discover their investing skills without the threat of monetary losses. This particular program is a non-profit that donates all entry fees to charity. The Northwest School Investment Interest Group plans to participate in this competition for the first time in January.

The mastermind behind the group, Northwest Junior Keegan says “I think there should be at least some sort of basic economics class here, that’s why I created it.” Keegan’s, brother who currently attends the University of Washington Business School, first sparked his interest in finance and economics a few years back. Keegan became intrigued and wanted to bring his newfound interest to school. While the group hasn’t had their first official meeting, there’s already over twenty student members. Economics isn’t a traditional area of study at Northwest, but the group is working to find ways to incorporate the school’s values into their work. Keegan wants the group to be available to everybody, so he is drawing on the value of community to encourage participation from a diversity of grade levels and genders.

In the near future, Keegan wants the class to reach a level to where they can begin to explore larger financial concepts including market theory, stock evaluation and econometrics. He hopes that one day this group can become skilled and knowledgeable enough that they would be able to manage a percentage of the Northwest Schools endowment, like many colleges do. For the next few months, Keegan plans to work with members from our community including faculty and parents that have experience in finance in order to teach topics to the class. Keegan says “Seattle is a very wealthy city, built a lot in part by finance and business. As members of the Northwest School, we are very lucky to have relationships with Titans in these industries.” The Investing Interest Group will be a very interesting addition to the Northwest School and so far, both students and faculty seem to be excited to see how it plays out.

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