Public vs. Private School

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Lucy S, Freshman

What’s all the hype about private schools? This year, I am a new 9th grader at Northwest. So far, the thing that has stuck out to me the most is size. Last year, I went to Jane Addams Middle School, and there were about 900 kids spread over 3 grades. Classes were over 30 people, and the learning was not as involved and personal. There were few clubs and options for sports, so coming here was a nice change. Many of my friends from middle school attended Roosevelt, Nathan Hale, and Shorecrest High School. Those are some of the largest high schools in Seattle. Northwest has around 400 kids in the upper school, while Roosevelt has at least 1,500. That’s over 4 times the size! I would’ve gotten lost in a school of that magnitude.

With all of my friends going to other schools, I was nervous about feeling alone. Being a new student here at Northwest, I already feel like I fit in. There are so many opportunities compared to public schools, from traveling to arts classes to highly-advanced curriculum. This weekend, I will be going on an Alpine backpacking trip! But the best part by far is lunch. It’s great to have a nice, long break in the middle of the day between classes, and the food is always balanced and varied. What more could you ask for?

An added bonus is location. Here on Capitol Hill, there are numerous options for shopping and food. Living in Seattle my whole life, I never truly experienced the vibe of my city until I came to the Northwest School. Other public schools don’t have quite the city-feel as this school does. One of my peers, Lily G, is a new 9th grader coming from Mercer Island Middle School. She is part of the JVC volleyball team. Her favorite thing about this school is the thriving community of all different kinds of people who have unique passions. However, she misses her Mercer Island friends very much.


Another one of my classmates, Tomas S, is coming from Hamilton International Middle School. He loves the teachers’ dedication to what they do, and they are all passionate, unlike teachers at his previous school. He says, “It’s really nice just to know I can rely on them and will be there to support me if I need.” Tomas is on the JV ultimate frisbee team.

I’m excited to what comes in the following years for me here, and for any other new students… Welcome to the House!

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