Letter from the Editors

Amelia Hewson | publishinghaus

Hello students and faculty of Northwest,

You are reading the Publishing Haus edition of the 2018-2019 school year! We present to you the most pressing topics of this fall season within our small and greater communities. Whether you’re a sixth grader adjusting to Northwest or a senior preparing for college, this trimester’s print includes thrilling pieces for all to enjoy! While each one of you prepares for trimester exams, sports events and the upcoming holiday, carve out some time to read the Publishing Haus’s latest edition, which features a compelling nonfiction piece by alumni Jono A, a response to the recent graffiti by senior, Cooper M, and a clever horoscope page by senior, Claire B. The purpose of this paper is to not only express the concerns of your peers through tackling heavy subjects, but also to produce humorous takes on the daily lives of Northwest students.

This school year has brought new faces to the Publishing Haus staff. As we say our heartfelt goodbyes to last year’s dedicated team, we would like introduce your current editors who are thrilled to serve the Northwest community.

From the perspective of fellow students, enjoy the comical, serious and thought-provoking pieces of the latest Publishing Haus publication!

With love, your editors:

Amelia, Scarlett, Scout and Greta

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